Safety & Equipment FAQs

Can anyone start wild or open water swimming?

Yes! But if you have any medical condition, you should get your doctors advice first.

I’m new/nervous/not a strong swimmer, will I be safe?

Yes! We have trained safety staff to watch you in the water and can guide you through every step ensuring you have the right support for you.

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Do I need to wear a wetsuit? Do I have to go in wearing just swimwear?

Most of our swims, experiences and sessions have a choice between wetsuits or just swimwear, so it’s up to you.

Wetsuits provide warmth and buoyancy and help you stay in and warmer for longer but are heavy to carry, restrictive in the water and take effort to put on.

Swimming in ‘skins’ (just swimwear) is amazing, allows full movement and a closer to nature experience but your swim will probably be shorter due to the cold.

If you’re not sure which you should do, just get in touch to chat.

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What will I need to bring?

Your booking email will include a kit list for your experience/session, please read it carefully.

We have an essential kit list for each session, swim or experience that will usually include..

  • Swimwear
  • Towel
  • Warm clothing, lots of loose fitting layers, wind proof jacket, woolly hat.

On some swims/sessions/experiences you may also need…

  • Tow float (most sessions)
  • Swim hat & goggles (Swim Treks & Lessons/Coaching/Swimfit)
  • Drink & sugary snack (essential unless provided by ourselves)
  • Wetsuit (longer swims or some training sessions)
  • Appropriate dry footwear (walking boots or sturdy trainers will be necessary for swim walks, flip flops, croc and sandals are not allowed).
  • Swim shoes or wetsuit boots (or old trainers may do)
  • A bag or backpack

We may also ask you or you may want to bring…

  • Something to stand on to get changed, (old hand towel/bath mat)
  • Wetsuit gloves
  • Extra woolly hat for in the water
  • Hot water bottle & flask of hot water
  • Torch with fully charged batteries
  • DryRobe or similar

I can’t swim very fast.. will I be too slow?


We can cater for every ability and speed. There will also be the opportunity not to swim very far at all in most our experiences for those who are looking to enjoy the benefits of cold water immersion rather than swimming a distance.

I want to get some distance done and/or swim heads down, will I be held up by slower swimmers?


Our Wild Swim Treks, lessons & coaching sessions will allow faster swimmers to swim further than slower ones meaning everyone can choose their own pace. In most of our sessions there is the opportunity to swim as well as dip.

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